What’d I Miss?: World News Update 7/16-7/22

Here’s a quick round up of the world’s news for the past week…


– In Bulgaria, a bomb exploded on an Israeli tour bus.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded by saying, “All the signs lead to Iran, Israel will respond forcefully to Iranian terror.”

Photo Courtesy: mydailynews.com


– Last week, the Red Cross declared a civil war in Syria.  This week, Janine di Giovanni of the New York Times painted a picture of it.

– Also in Syria, rebels have succeeded in taking control of Turkish and Iraqi border posts.


– The U.S. has cut military aid to Rwanda because of concerns that it is backing rebels in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

– A Nigerian man by the name of Saheed Adepoju has invented the Inye, a relatively low-cost tablet ($350) to be sold in Nigeria, particularly to students.

The Inye, Photo Courtesy: BBC News


– Pranab Mukherjee of the Congress Party has won the Indian presidency, a position that the BBC calls “largely ceremonial”.

– At a summit in Beijing, China pledged $20 billion to Africa over the next three years, a move designed to strengthen trade between African nations and China.

South African President Jacob Zuma shaking hands with China’s Ho Jintao, Photo Courtesy: Business Report.


– Venezuelan security forces have ended a prison riot on its 20th day.

– After a spike in complaints about sex abuse in Santiago schools, Chile has pledged to investigate.


– A shooting in a Colorado movie theater at the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises, killing 12 people and injuring 59.  The explosion has prompted national grieving and the closure of other premieres.

– After three separate shootings in Toronto, Canadian politicians are debating what to do about the rising levels of gun violence in that city.

Happy Sunday.